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Research with art therapists and service users suggests that there are some things which can aid or enhance the process of dyadic art therapy.

These include:

  • Seeing the dyad making art together can help the therapist assess and formulate ideas.

  • Experiential art therapy tasks for parents and carers can give parents and carers a taste of art therapy and a space to think about their own life experiences.

  • Building a sense of safety and trust between the therapist, caregiver and child can help facilitate the work.

  • Art materials can act as a bridge, helping with engagement and connecting people and ideas.

For example, art making enables the child to communicate aspects of their experience through doing rather than explaining. Dyads can become more attuned to each others thought and feelings through joint engagement tasks.

  • Art and art making can help with regulating, containing and processing feelings.

  • Images can be helpful as a way of recording events.

  • Good supervision, a supportive workplace and colleagues are a great help.