Modelling and practising skills with the caregiver

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The art therapist aims to help the caregivers develop their skills in relating to and parenting their children.

The skills focussed on might include

  • parental sensitivity, including attunement

  • reflecting on the child’s inner world

  • appropriate communication and discussion with the child

Social learning theory suggests that new behaviours can be acquired through verbal instruction and explanations or through live models.

The therapist may sometimes aim to develop caregiver’s skills through discussions, explanations and reflection.

The therapist might also sometimes adopt a more hands approach, modelling skills during therapeutic interactions or getting the carer to practice skills.

To model something, the therapist might respond directly to the child themselves in an attuned or sensitive manner. To help carers practice skills, the therapist might encourage them to respond directly in an attuned or sensitive way.

Related goal

This step is related to achieving the goal developing skills.